EdActive Summit 2021


JUNE 21-24, 2021

EdActive Virtual Summit


Paradigm shift: breaking silos of isolated innovation, building a critical mass, and transforming the educational model to relational and relevant


Learn convincing data of the need for the old assembly-line model to be replaced

Gain tangible information to begin immediately to create the local conversation/change

Connect with a partner or support from the summit to move forward


As a result of clarifying the need and learning of available resources, each participant will:

–Take three immediate actions to become an educational activist (post on social, talk to legislators, bring a summit speaker to their school or district, share examples of innovations with colleagues.…)



Trace Pickering of Iowa BIG

Maureen O’Shaughnessy, LEADPrep

Neil Phillips of Visible Man Academy

Meg Ormiston, Solution Tree

Scottie Nash of ADL


Pam Gordon, BPL

Dina Ghobasy, Microsoft

Dan Triricario, Zen Teacher

Youth—Cambria and Abri of Youth Misinformed documentary/Heirs to Our Oceans,

Ki’ilani Spencer, Hawaii cultural school

Amanda Kopishcke, Incubate to Innovate

Nick Wahl, Equal Opportunity Schools

Jabali Sawicki, nXu Education

Zineb Mouhyi, Jessica Spencer-Keyse, Valentina Raman, Youth speakers


Free live attendance or $97 to upgrade to purchase audio of summit speakers


All profits go to a BLM educational fund


M, W, Th Virtual 45-minute interviews/chats with interviewee, roundtables, work sessions, networking, and action team formation

Be a part of creating the schools our youth need and deserve!

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