We continually add to this list of websites, tools, and resources to help you in your quest to make real change in education.


ADL’s Pacific Northwest Office delivers local programs that promote inclusion and respect in schools, train law enforcement on hate crimes and white supremacy, advocate for civil rights policies, build bridges with diverse communities, and assist victims of antisemitism, discrimination and bias. Together, we can build a better world. 

Learn more from Scotland Nash on Spurring Youth to Create Social Change with No Place for Hate.

ChildNEXUS is an educational and mental health marketplace that connects parents whose children struggle with learning or mental health challenges with professionals who provide clinical, legal, and educational support services.

Listen to Karen Wilson, founder of ChildNEXUS on the Education Evolution podcast.

Maureen is on a mission to connect the dots between education, belonging, and youth empowerment. With a podcast, progressive micro-school, leadership experience and multiple resources, she coaches educational innovators on developing accessible-for-all learning environments.

Watch the Why of Ed Activism presentation by Education Evolution founder Maureen O’Shaughnessy, host of the EdActive Summit.

Education Reimagined is committed to the creation of a racially just and equitable world where every child is loved, honored, and supported such that their boundless potential is unleashed. They offer their vision as a beacon for all those dedicated to transforming education for every single child in America.

Watch Alin Bennett present How to Reimagine Education at the 2021 EdActive Summit.

Equal Opportunity Schools’ mission is to ensure that students of color and low-income students have equitable access to America’s most academically intense high school programs and succeed at the highest levels. When our highest learning opportunities are equitably accessible, our highest human potential is unbounded.

Listen to Dr. Nick Wahl’s presentation on Confronting Bias Through Equal Opportunity Schools.

Gibson Ek is an innovative, real-world learning, public high school in Issaquah, Washington. As a Big Picture Learning school, Gibson Ek High School leads students to live lives of their own design to become activists in the world.

Watch Julia Bamba’s presentation on building dynamic, ever-evolving schools.

Heirs To Our Oceans works to educate others and create solutions that will ensure the health of our blue planet. They are the next generation of fearless, compassionate youth leaders who will ensure a healthy, natural environment for everyone. 

Watch the Heirs to Our Oceans team present at the 2021 EdActive Summit, Youth with Agency Making Change in Our World with Heirs to Our Oceans.

Incubate to Innovate uses their combined backgrounds in education & design thinking to provide next-generation tools & techniques that foster innovation & lasting positive change for schools, businesses, non-profits, and ministries. #PowerOfTogether​​

Angela Anderson discusses Students Using Design Thinking to Lead with Empathy at the 2021 EdActive Summit.

Iowa BIG is a shared program between 2 school districts providing core academic credit through authentic projects in community. Supported by both teachers and their business, non-profit, or government partners, kids solve real problems and experience content-in-context.

Dr. Trace Pickering presents Enabling Youth to Learn Hands-On in Their Communities at the 2021 EdActive Summit.

LEADPrep is a learner-focused middle/high school in the Seattle area. They create a dynamic space where education is engaging, not one-size-fits-all, for all learners to be seen, heard, valued, and thriving. LEADPrep helps students learn from a place of love and personal alignment and is a national model for progressive micro-schools.

Listen in to the Education Evolution podcast episode that features two amazing students, Journey and Bella.

As a resource for parents and educators seeking to find real solutions in education, Micro-School Coalition is building a community to transform education for today’s learners. Imagine our collective power to make a positive difference.

Learn more about micro-schools! Listen in to hear how to start your own micro-school, how to ensure your micro-school is equitable, the first steps every micro-school founder needs to take, and how to start a micro-school in partnership with a business

Neil Phillips believes that love is the answer to just about everything. He has spent his entire career managing his own discomfort and diving deeply into the realm of breaking the bonds of systemic racism and having the uncomfortable, yet productive conversations that can radically change organizations and individual lives.

Watch Neil Phillips’s presentation at the EdActive Summit, Poverty, Boys of Color, and Celebrating Small Victories in Our Schools.

One Stone is a student-led and -directed nonprofit that makes students better leaders and the world a better place. Their program empowers high school students to learn and practice 21st century skills through experiential service, innovative initiatives, social entrepreneurship, and the radical reinvention of learning.

Dr. Caitlyn Scales presents on How One Stone is Changing Lives at the 2021 EdActive Summit.

Modern professional development for teachers designed by teachers. Now that remote learning, blended learning, and hybrid learning are all realities, they have redesigned the website to offer on demand professional learning on a wide variety of topics.

Listen in to Meg Ormiston share about student-led change.

UP for Learning helps educational institutions across the country fully engage youth in their own learning and in reimagining and transforming education. They utilize research-based models that reshape the student-teacher relationship to one of shared ownership and shared responsibility.

Watch Lindsey Halman of UP for Learning’s 2021 summit presentation, Partnering to Make Space for Today’s Youth to Dream Big.

The Washington Homeschool Organization are passionate about helping to create the most successful homeschooling experience possible by making sure that parents interested in homeschooling get accurate, up-to-date information on the homeschooling law, local support, resources, and services.

Listen to Jen Garrison Stuber’s summit presentation, How Homeschooling Caught Us By Surprise.

Youth By Youth is a global movement catalyzing local action circles, learning together in an international community hub, and campaigning to reclaim agency in learning. They believe in a liberated world where education is an experience that serves all of us.

Watch YouthxYouth’s 2021 summit presentation, Transforming Education Through the Global Network of YouthxYouth.

Join us at the EdActive Summit 2021!

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