Pockets of greatness in education are happening in silos across the globe and we are the collective to unite leaders around best practices to meet the diverse needs of our students–today and in the future.


Maureen OShaughnessy
Pam Gordon

Trace Pickering, Iowa BIG

Maureen O’Shaughnessy, LEADPrep

Meg Ormiston, Teacher and author


Bi-annual remote coalition meeting in January and June

January full coalition day for updates, training, sharing resources, and planning

June coalition meeting followed by virtual summit of educational innovations

Quarterly half-day team meetings

Monthly two-hour meeting with team leaders


Dan Tricarico, The Zen Teacher
Neil Phillips, Visible Man Academy
Caitlyn Scales, ONE STONE
Dina Ghobashy, Educational Leadership, Senior Manager, Microsoft
April Peebler, Heirs to Our Oceans
Ki’ilani Spencer, Hawaii cultural school
Lindsey Halman, UP for Learning
Evelyn Monje, UP for Learning
Amanda Kopishcke, Incubate to Innovate
Nick Wahl, Equal Opportunity Schools
Zineb Mouhyi & Valentina Raman, YouthxYouth
Chris Unger, Education Revolution
Jenny Severson, Quantum Learning
Kira Dorian, Future Focused Parenting
Alin Bennett & Kelly Young, Education Reimagined
Jerry Mintz, AERO-Alt Ed Resource Org
Julia Bamba, Founding Principal, Gibson Ek BPL
Rashawn Caruthers, Getting Smart
Dr. Karen Wilson, ChildNEXUS
Jen Garrison Stuber, WA Homeschool Organization
Josephine Lesaffre, Visual Storyteller
Jessica Isakow, LEADPrep Operations Director
Kester Limner, Integrative Arts and Neurodiversity specialist
Julie Burgess-Dennis, SLP, Under the Umbrella

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